Jared Leto To Star In Tron Trilogy


Disney still thinks that the Tron saga has a lot of potentials and they will make a trilogy starring Jared Leto.

Actor Jared Leto despite being world-famous does not have many blockbusters. Since his best movie in terms of the collection is The Suicide Squad which made 746 million dollars. But his character Joker was not well received by fans, something that can be remedied with the release of Justice League by Zack Snyder. Although we must not forget that Morbius, the living vampire of Marvel could be a similar success to Venom.

Now Jared Leto will star in a new Tron movie that will supposedly be titled Tron: Are s. But the agreement goes further and the actor would have affirmed for a trilogy. Therefore, they think that this new project will be much more successful than Tron: Legacy which only raised 400 million in 2010 with a budget of 170 million.

There is no release date yet.

Garth Davis, who directed the feature film Lion in 2016, will feature a screenplay by relatively unknown writer Jesse Wigutow. For now, Jared Leto is the only confirmed actor. So this means that it could be a while before the new Tron movie has a filming or release start date. However, by the time this new story hits theaters, the franchisee will be over 40 years old. It has also been speculated that it could be released directly on the Disney + platform, so this would greatly reduce the budget of the new installment.

Jared Leto aside from Tron wants to reprise the role of Joker in DC Comics movies. Therefore it expects its intervention in Justice League of HBO Max to appeal to fans and get a new opportunity to confront Batman in film.


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