Jared Leto Upset at Todd Phillips version of “Joker” – “He might have tried to stop it from making”


Jared Leto the Oscar winning Actor is reportedly annoyed with Todd Phillips Joker. Sources even suggest that he tried talking to his agents to have the project stopped from being made.

It’s been a great shock to Leto as he is not even a part of the DC movies “Birds of Prey” and in fact he is absent from “The suicide squad” as well.

Suicide Squad sequel and its release

The movie based on DC world’s anti-hero team “Suicide Squad” is set for its sequel to be released on August 6, 2021 hopefully. It’s impressive how the editing of the movie had been done by Gunn in his home so that the movie is not delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Makers wanted a sequel even before the first volume was released but the final confirmation of the same came out only in March 2016. With a great cast including Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Peter Capaladi and Todd Phillips the movie is expected to win lot of hearts across the world.

Leto as DC Villain “Joker” in Suicide Squad

Undoubtedly Leto put in lot of efforts to live up to role of “Joker” in Suicide Squad. He did mention that he had great role in the movie however; the role was later cut down to not more than 10 minutes of screen time for character.

With such less time to impress audience with his character Leto put in great efforts, and in fact was praised by audience and critics both. See for yourself his character in making.

Alas! The makers of the film were not very impressed with his performance and that could be reason why he is missing from his stand alone “Joker”.

The Joker

Well! Initially in 2014 he was promised a stand alone “Joker” but later it was given to Todd Phillips as they felt “Joker” was not really Leto’s movie and it was just his failed effort to have that space but it proved to be wrong choice. Watch this to see more explanation by James Gunn for not having Leto in Suicide Squad Sequel.

In 2014 the actor had won Oscar for his mind boggling performance as a transgender drug addict in “Dallas Buyers Club”.

At a point when fans expected Leto’s joker to eventually lead the Suicide Squad some day, the news of him being removed from the role completely seems to be really harsh.

Well! Nevertheless, we sincerely hope Todd Phillips all the best for his new role and once the movie is out we would be all eyes to watch it and then present a review for our audience.



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