Jason Blum Tests Positive For COVID-19


Jason Blum has taken to his social networks to announce that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and appreciates the multiple messages of support.

In recent weeks it has been announced that trials of various vaccines against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are giving good results. This is good news that would mean a return to normality. Although the damage caused may not be reversible. One of the many industries affected is audiovisual. The delays and stoppages in production are the order of the day. In addition to the positive cases. The latest to announce that he has contracted the virus is producer Jason Blum.

This was announced by the producer and CEO of Blumhouse. Jason Blum took to his Twitter account to announce with his followers that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He confirms that for the moment his symptoms are mild and that he and his family are fine. His followers have turned to the producer and hope that he has a speedy recovery. After the messages received, Blum thanked the support.

“I have tested positive. It’s Coronamania time at my house. The symptoms are mild at the moment but I will keep you informed. ”

“A lot of great people are saying very nice things. I appreciate it. Thank you”.

Blumhouse started the year in style. The Invisible Man premiere was a critical and box-office success. Achieving more than $ 130 million at the box office. Compared to the 7 million it cost to make it. But the rest of the year hasn’t been so good at the box office for Jason Blum’s production company because of the pandemic. Its last premiere at the Spanish box office was Jóvenes y Brujas: Hermandad that failed to convince many. They chose to move other of their titles to Amazon Prime.

The other big premiere this year would have been Halloween Kills. The second installment of the new Halloween trilogy. This should have been released on October 16. But because of the pandemic, it was delayed until 2021. This was announced by Jason Blum at the beginning of the year. But they are not willing to delay it again. In an interview with Forbes, the producer clarified that the film will be released in 2021 at all costs.

“If this continues next Halloween? No, we are not delaying it. Halloween Kills will be released next October even if hell or floods come, vaccine or not. It will be released. ”

The first film of the new trilogy had a good reception from the public. And recently one of its stars commented that Halloween Kills will be a masterpiece. For his part, Jason Blum is aware that the film industry will not be the same after the pandemic. It recognizes that changes will have to be made and that Universal is one of the role models. This is what I mentioned in an interview with Inverse.

“When this is over, I believe that everyone is going to follow the model that Universal has. I think the future of movies released to theaters is one in which movies are in theaters for less time. But there will be many more premieres. And after that, they will be available for two or three months to rent in a premium way where you will pay $ 20 for the film. Then it will go to movie-to-pay TV and then traditional rental ”.


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