Jon Bernthal Could Return As Punisher


After it was confirmed that Daredevil will be in Spider-Man 3, the next to make the leap into the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe could be Jon Bernthal as the Punisher.

Marvel Studios took back the rights to Daredevil that belonged to Netflix at the end of last month, and they have already confirmed that they intend to use the character played by Charlie Cox. But they also want Jon Bernthal to repeat himself as Punisher / Frank Castle, although it will not be in Spider-Man 3, he could have his own project apart.

Jon Bernthal has always commented that he wants to repeat as the Punisher, as he did not even mind suffering numerous injuries while filming. Because for him, the support of unconditional fans always pushed him to the limit to give the best of himself. Also a few weeks ago he commented that he had not lost hope of returning and it seems that Marvel Studios has it very much in mind and it will come true.

Will the character fit into Disney?

Although Marvel Studios is an independent studio, it must be remembered that it is part of Disney and therefore the violent nature of Jon Bernthal’s character would pose some problems. So they would probably lower the blood in order to make it fit into their Cinematic Universe. This is probably not too great an impediment to moving the project forward.

For now, this information has not been confirmed, but we must recognize that all the rumors that have been going on Daredevil have been met, so it probably will happen the same with the Punisher of Jon Bernthal. Since Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, knows very well what fans want. So it is clear that he does not mind negotiating with whoever is necessary for his projects to meet expectations and be a benchmark in the entertainment industry.

Hopefully, they will confirm it soon and that they can bring together Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in the same film. That would be a real bombshell.


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