Joseph Gordon Levitt Could Join MCU


After many rumors in recent years, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be closer to making the leap into the Marvel Universe.

A few weeks ago Marvel Studios presented news of projects already announced at Disney Investor Day. In addition to another series Disney + series that caught many by surprise. Without a doubt, an ambitious repertoire of premieres that will need new stars to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During the presentation, President Kevin Feige announced some of the additions but kept many others. Now, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to be closer to joining the MCU.

This would be confirmed by Murphy’s Multiverse. Charles Murphy, a well-known Hollywood insider, announces that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in contact with Marvel Studios. The actor would have met with at least some of the studio’s creatives for a future project. At the moment it is unknown what it would be. Charles Murphy also doesn’t reveal whether the meetings are for an already announced role or a behind-the-scenes job. So, as with all rumors, it only remains to wait until the sources confirm something officially.

For his part, Joseph Gordon-Levitt already has experience with that of the rumors that relate him to the MCU. It was first rumored that the actor was one of Marvel Studios’ main options to give life to Star-Lord, a role that later went to Chris Pratt. Later, Gordon-Levitt was faced with Paul Rudd to play Scott Lang in Ant-Man. Finally, he was also related to the role of Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange, which went to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Although the project for which Marvel Studios would have contacted Joseph Gordon-Levitt is unknown, there are several possibilities. Murphy’s Multiverse ventures to announce that it could be the Fantastic 4 reboot. Although actor John Krasinski is the fans’ choice to play Reed Richards, the studio may be considering other actors as well. At the moment, the only thing that has been officially announced for the project is that John Watts, director of the Spider-Man trilogy, will direct the film.

Although the opportunities with Marvel Studios have never come to anything, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a background in superhero movies. Following his appearance in Inception, the actor worked with Christopher Nolan on the latest installment of his Batman trilogy. In The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays John ‘Robin’ Blake. Several rumors placed the actor as the protagonist of a spin-off from the Nolan universe. But this project never materialized. For his part, the actor has already commented that he is happy with the conclusion of Nolan’s trilogy.

In a less conventional way, he also gave life to Johnny in the comic book adaptation of Sin City. In 2014, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was released. In addition, this year he released the Netflix superhero movie Project Power alongside Jamie Foxx and Dominique Fishback.


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