JPMorgan: Bitcoin is the # 1 choice of young investors


Analyzing the pattern of investments among various investors, JP Morgan said that they could segregate investors in 2 generation, old and young especially when it comes to making a choice between Gold and Bitcoin. 

Even though Bitcoin v/s Gold has been one of the hottest discussions since the time Crypto currency has been around. However, past few months of year 2020 raised an alarm and investors wanted to make the best possible choice.

This week Bloomberg accessed a note that was apparently published by JPMorgan where the analysis of investment trend by different generations was taken into account. As per the note, the Millennial or I should say the young generation has been found to be more inclined towards Bitcoin lately. 

On the other hand the older and experienced generation still calls for Gold to be their choice of investment. The analysis was made by the team of expert analysts led by “Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou”. 

Not just Bitcoin v/s Gold but the study even read through certain other significant preferences difference amongst both the generation. While the older investors were keen on selling their shares, millennial investors’ preferred stocks for mainly tech. companies. 

Older generation was more inclined towards bond funds rather than stocks which made the purchase of Bonds stronger throughout June and July.

In early July one of the research even stated that not juts Millennial but even Boomers and Gen X investors have their trust on Bitcoin. 

With smoothed trading actions, the presence of amateur traders has also been evident quite lately, but impressingly their choice of stocks and timings have been absolute hit so far.

The recent hike gained by Bitcoin along with other crypto currency could be a great factor contributing to the trust gained amongst young people. Considering the current Purchase power parity and its trend the biggest inflammation of all times is a great possibility. 

Owing to this even gold has reached its all time high and broken all previous records.

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