‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ Release Date Revealed!


The new cut of ‘ Justice League ‘ signed by Zack Snyder seems to be ready. HBO has already announced its premiere date (exclusively in streaming ) on March 18, a simultaneous event in the Spanish section of the brand, so we are less than two months away from discovering what is hidden behind the so-called ‘ Snyder Cut ‘.

For the clueless, let’s remember that in 2017, and after an investment of 300 million dollars, the 657 raised by ‘ Justice League ‘ indicated to Warner that they still could not find the formula to unite their heroes. A brave group of fans defended the film but, in turn, a few apocalypse warriors began to ask the production company to publish the original cut of Snyder, director of the title until a family tragedy took him away from the usual return to the filming of these huge productions.

Joss Whedon, who some have now made the villain of this whole story, took care of those new shots, adding his own crop and lighting a film in which Snyder had once again made use of his lofty palette of grays and blues. dark. The result was that strange and untidy mixture of ideas that angered not a few acolytes who, very indignant, began that crusade called #ReleasetheSnyderCut in search of that first montage that, now that it has been shot, has ended up existing.

Warner understood the battle against them as something positive and decided to try their luck investing, according to The Hollywood Reporter, from 20 to 30 million dollars in arrangements of effects, new montages and a return to the set with some of their protagonists to shoot additional dialogue and make that Holy Grail of superhero experience exist. This latest promotional poster is especially dedicated to all those brave defenders who have made the Earth no longer round by flattening it.

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