Justin and Hailey, Bieber’s love story to be cherished forever by the fans

One night, in her sleep, Lisa found her fiancé riding a white horse coming towards her to take her away from this overdramatic world and step into a world together where there would only be love, peace, and joy.

The next morning Lisa woke up to find that it was just a beautiful dream, she smiled at her recent obsessions with the best love stories be it that of Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Antony or the famous love story from the Helen of Troy and Trojan war,  that of Paris and Helena.

And then as soon as she scrolled down her Instagram feed, guess what added to her adrenaline levels.

It was a picture of Justin Bieber and his love Hailey Baldwin Bieber sharing a passionate kiss. Lisa was so overwhelmed by the adorable and sweet love story that they shared.

Justin and Hailey, Bieber’s love story to be cherished forever by the fans
Justin and Hailey, Bieber’s love story to be cherished forever by the fans

It was back in the year 2015 that the two met each other through the Kardashians. Soon in 2016, they officialized  that they were dating each other. But suddenly in 2017, they broke off.

The Grammy award-winning Canadian Singer, Justin was rumored to be strengthening his relationship with his girlfriend, the popular Selena Gomez. Thereafter, Hailey was found to be in an attachment with singer Shawn Mendes.

In early 2018, The Canadian Singer was seen calling off his relationship with Selena and sometimes late, the same year, Hailey called off her attachment with his then boyfriend Mendes. 

Both the lovebirds, Hailey and Justin were back to each other in June 2018. The world witnessed the couple romancing together through their social media posts.

Justin was seen proposing his love sometime after that in a cheesy way that also in the Bahamas. All going good, the couple set their future by getting hitched in September 2018.

Was this love story less romantic and cheesy than the ones we read in the story books?

What do you say, friends ?

We wish the couple happiness and love and a lifetime of togetherness.

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