Keanu Reeves’ love interest Alexandra Grant, her former co-worker and a long time friend!


Reeves and Grant have known each other since 2009 when they collaborated for “Ode to Happiness” which was later published in 2011. They worked together again for their second collaboration in 2016, “Shadows”.

The lovers found a publishing company together back in 2017, “X Artist Books”.

Reeves’ and Grant’s first public appearance together! A smile on his face after long while.

The John wick star has never made any public appearance with a date in at least past decade, so the news of him dating Alexandra Grant came as a shock for almost all fans (especially female fans). They were spotted together with hands in hands in LACMA Art + Film Gala that took place on November 02, 2019. With love in the air, and sparkles in their eyes both walked the red carpet and later confirmed that they had actually been dating each other since the beginning of the year 2019. Check out a loving image of duo here.

Looking at Grant’s Instagram now we must know that we literally did not notice how many pictures she had of both of them on her Instagram handle. Well! I guess credit for this goes to the image Reeves has maintained for so long of “Lonely Man”.

Since they went public love has known no boundaries!

Since their first public appearance together as a couple, nothing has been a hindrance for the duo. They were again spotted in June this year with hands locked to each other in Saint Laurent’s Fashion Show. Following this they also attended the MOCA benefit together. 

Past wasn’t really easy on our loved star, and we hope he now gets his love!

Reeves hasn’t been even rumored to have links with many women in past and has in fact maintained a very private life for a long time now. After meeting Jennifer Hyme in late 90s during his career peak they both started dating quite soon. Unfortunately the love and happiness ended in a never healing wound for the Star.

Syme gave birth to a still born child in 1999 and both couldn’t recover from the loss mentally. Reality was extremely harsh on both but it got even worse for Reeves when after only 8 weeks even Hyme died in a car collision.

Nevertheless, we humans are not always aware of what the destiny hold for us. We are glad he has now got the love and happiness he deserves.

Alexandra Grant happens t be a strong headed, independent and an accomplished woman. The two have been close friends for a long time now and that is what makes it even more beautiful relation.

We are happy that the duo has found love in each other and as fans we are hoping to see them get wed locked soon although neither one of them seems to be talking about marriage at the moment.

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