La Casa de Papel season 5: the release date revealed in error?


When will season 5 of La Casa de Papel be released? It could be that Netflix leaked the release date a little too early, after all.

The aficionados of the Spanish series are sweaty. Indeed, the release date of La Casa de Papel seems advanced. We would already know when season 5 of the craziest heist show will be released. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

What will happen to Tokyo, Denver, Lisbon, Rio, and company in La Casa de Papel? And above all, what will become of our dear Professor, held in check in the last seconds?

Everything suggests that the series that we adore more than anything will soon reveal its secrets to us. In any case, the release date of season 5 seems advanced, a priori …

On Twitter, Instagram and others, clues have pointed out as to the release date of the rest of the adventures. So we could very soon find our favorite robbers.

Yet the terms of filming proved dangerous in fact. With Covid-19, the actors then had to submit to social distancing and screening tests.

Despite this, La Casa de Papel should be released in a few months already. Although this information is to be taken with very fine tweezers …

La Casa de Papel season 5- the release date revealed in error?


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