Lisa Vanderpump: Here’s How She Defended And Support Ellen DeGeneres Show


About Lisa Vanderpump:

Lisa Vanderpump is a very famous personality and currently, she is a British restaurateur and television personality. She was a former actress who was known for the appearance in Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and some other series as well.

However, by now, Lisa Vanderpump is involved in a controversy for defending Ellen DeGeneres’s show.

There was an allegation on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show of Ellen DeGeneres that it is poisonous and toxic. There were many charges made against the show for the same. However, Lisa is one of the celebrities who came out to speak in defence of the show.

Lisa Vanderpump’s replies to the allegation charged on Ellen DeGeneres:

Lisa has come forward to share her feelings when a fan page manager requested her to comment on her situation regarding the controversy on the show ”The Ellen DeGeneres”. She commented that everything started from 16th July when a former employee of the program published news in a BuzzFeed article. It was mention that the work environment in the program is very toxic. Especially the very popular host Ellan’s treatment’s to other people will always remain a hot topic.

Lisa has spoken on Ellen’s defence that She has apologized to many of her employees already. Lisa was there when Ellan has taken a step to apologize for her mistreatment of others. Still, some celebrities seem to disagree with the defence and some other agrees to Lisa.

The controversy that Lisa is into also became a burden for her. She and her husband owned almost 36 restaurants and many of them opened over the years. Now due to the pandemic situation, the couple closed their restaurants. It is a very big load to handle in the current scenario and now this controversy is an addition to the pain.

It is quite amusing to see if these things will settle down soon. Until then stay tuned with us and stay safe at your homes.

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