Little Coincidences Season 3: Prime Release Date


The third and final season of ‘Little coincidences’, which was Amazon Prime Video’s first Spanish original series premiere is on tomorrow to resolve all the misunderstandings between the protagonists, Marta and Javi, who are played by Marta Hazas and Javier Veiga respectively.

The fiction, produced by Atresmedia Studios, Onza Entertainment and MedioLimón, has turned out to be a great success since its rights have been acquired by NBC to make a ‘remake’ that will be titled ‘Someone Out There’.

“It has been great news for us, as creators and producers and for the entire Spanish industry. The truth is that it is not very common for a Spanish series to be adapted for an American network. That is why we are delighted. At the moment it has been approved to shoot a pilot ”, Veiga explained to Diez Minutos that, in addition to being an actor, he is also a director, scriptwriter and producer of the series.

In this new season, the synopsis indicates: “Marta and Javi have been lurching in their relationship, like two branches of the same tree shaken without order by a capricious wind.

From the beginning, it seems that ‘destiny’ has something written for Javi and Marta and now it would be their turn to accept that ‘circumstances’ have separated them. In this last season, they will have to decide if they want to rebel against fortune or accept the end that chance and coincidences have decided for them.

So, how does this end ?: “What is fate telling us: to get together or to part at once?” What Marta and Javi will have to understand is that this third season is that that is not the question. That there is no written destination. Chance has already done enough to put them together once; now the rest depends only on them. And the excuses for the bad and the good coincidences are over. “

The cast of the third season, which consists of ten episodes, is completed with new additions. The most important is that of Iván Sánchez, who with two children will be Marta’s new partner. Also joining the cast are Angy Fernández, Damián Molla and Jesús Vidal.

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