Liv Tyler In Talks To Appear In She-Hulk


The latest rumors suggest that actress Liv Tyler would be in talks to return in the Disney + series She-hulk as Red She-Hulk

Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk series is going to have a huge budget for special effects only. Not only is CGI required to bring She-Hulk to life, but Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky are also confirmed for the Disney + series, and it is anticipated that the series will feature at least one epic showdown. among the trio of gamma rays.

Roth’s recent addition to the cast came as a surprise to many, of course, especially when The Incredible Hulk has been relegated to a footnote in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is never recognized. However, She-Hulk is the ideal place for Kevin Feige and his team to re-dive into the forgotten Phase One movie, and now Daniel Richtman claims Liv Tyler would also be in talks to reprise her role as Betty Ross.

The 43-year-old actress hasn’t been particularly active for the past decade, but it seems like all of the MCU’s forgotten characters could return at any moment, which isn’t surprising when the studio currently has 25 projects in development. According to rumors, not only would he be in talks for his return, but he would also do it as the Red She-Hulk.

It is expected to She-Hulk start filming in the coming months, so we should not wait long to receive news about the casting, whether involving Liv Tyler or not.

Betty Ross as Red She-Hulk.

The character of Betty Ross was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. She made her first appearance in Incredible Hulk No. 1 in 1962 as a Hulk’s romantic interest and is the daughter of General Thunderbolt Ross. Over the years, the character became the Red She-Hulk.

The first appearance of Betty Ross as Red She-Hulk was during the story of The Fall of the Hulks, the arc of four issues of The Incredible Hulk published in 2010, written by Jeph Loeb, the story where it is revealed that Betty was resurrected by the Leader and MODOK in the face of the urgency of his new ally, his father Thunderbolt Ross, who had previously kept his body in a cryogenic state. She also underwent the same process that had turned her father into the Red Hulk, granting her powers.


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