Love On The Spectrum Season 2 – Real Stories of Autistic Adults.


Hello Everybody! Happy to see you again! Let take a quick glimpse of the installment of a reality show, which is based on some autistic adults named Love on The Spectrum.       

 First of All, figure out the term Autistic!  Autism is not a characteristic, it is a nervous system syndrome in which the overall emotional, social, and physical health of the individual is affected.         

  Love on The Spectrum is an Australian reality show created and directed by Cian O’ Clery, firstly released on channel ABC and currently available on Netflix also. 


It’s a dating reality show which is very real and terms like drama, tears or manipulation don’t exist in this show. This show doesn’t have any rules and it is not about winning, losing, or any grand prize. In this show director always present the real stories of autistic adults and represents their first step of dating.                                                            

This whole show basically aims that people with this disorder also willing to have romantic relationships, they are also capable of being loved and making their future family.                                      

Love On The Spectrum Season 2 – Real Stories of Autistic Adults.

When Will We See the Spectrum Again!

Its first season was launched on two platforms, first on the Australian channel ABC in the month of November and when it becomes more popular and earned great reviews than it released on the best platform Netflix on 22 July this year. 

Its first season had four episodes, and this time fans demand more than four episodes, they are excited and curious to know the release date of season 2.                                                         

The first season got 4 out of 5 stars and according to Oprah Magazine reports, the final episode of the first season drew 461, 000 viewers and becomes evening’s top news program.                 

  After this massive popularity and positive reviews from critics, the series got a green light for season 2. It is currently under production and fans will get to watch season 2 in the mid or late 2021.


In one of the directors of the interviews, Clery said “there are still so many stories to tell” which assured that this time it will be more realistic. Casting is not revealed yet, but it is certain that characters of season 1 will not be seen in season 2. Hence, we will see some new and amazing faces.

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