Lucasfilm Could Introduce A Transgender Character In Star Wars

Yes, Star Wars Has a Hell and it’s terrifying!
Yes, Star Wars Has a Hell and it’s terrifying!

Star Wars was much criticized for not being inclusive and betting on diversity. According to new rumors, Lucasfilm has a desire to incorporate a transgender Jedi into its universe.

Disney doesn’t always have it easy with Star Wars. The company opted for a new trilogy that, unfortunately, failed to exceed the expectations of the fans. Regardless, Lucasfilm remains highly committed to diversity and minority representation, whether on the small or big screen. Based on new information shared on social media, it appears that the company wants to integrate a transgender Jedi into its universe.

The recent Star Wars trilogy showed us a bit of the inclusiveness that Disney had in mind from the start. Its protagonists were Rey (woman), Finn (African American), and Poe Dameron (Latino), not forgetting of course Rose Tico (of Vietnamese descent) and others. Although Lucasfilm has made room for the minority, it has not given much room to the LGBT community (except for that minimal scene in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker). However, things could be about to change forever.

They will do it?

On his Patreon profile, Daniel Richtman announced the following: “I heard Lucasfilm wants a transgender Jedi.” Remember that this journalist usually gives information that later ends up being confirmed, but for the moment, it is only a rumor. This would be a great step for the trans community, which in recent years has redoubled its efforts on the issue of representation on both the small and big screens.

Many fans linked him to this rumor with Gina Carano, who a few weeks ago, The Mandalorian actress refused to grant her support to the trans community using the corresponding pronouns on Twitter and went out to defend herself. But as we said before, at the moment it is all a simple rumor.


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