Luna Nera Season 2: What Could We Expect from Sequel?

Luna Nera Season 2: What Could We Expect from Sequel?
Luna Nera Season 2: What Could We Expect from Sequel?

Welcome back to yet another thrilling update folk! We are here to talk about the widely loved Italian show, ‘Luna Nera’, based in 17th century Italy, which revolves around a young woman who finds out that she is a witch and tries her hardest to protect her brother and herself from being killed by the villagers.

The show debuted in January 2020 and has ever since had a constant fan following. Let’s get more into the witchy series from Netflix originals and find out about the possibility of a sequel.

Luna Nera Season 2: RELEASE DATE

Although, the show only premiered early this year, no talks of a sequel being filmed are on the charts. The sequel has not yet been green-lit by the production house and no confirmations for the same have been announced. This has broken many fans’ hearts but there is still hope as a sequel is almost imminent considering the finale of season one.

Given the popularity, it gained in and around Italy, Netflix might have to give it a green light for shooting and the fans are enthusiastic about the sequel.

Since Italy was at the heart of the coronavirus outbreak, it is indeed really difficult for them to commence production which will also delay the release.

Given these harsh circumstances, we can only hope that the productions begin soon and if it does sometime around October, we might be able to get our hands on the series update sometime after August 2021 or early 2022.

Luna Nera Season 2: What Could We Expect from Sequel?
Luna Nera Season 2: What Could We Expect from Sequel?

Luna Nera Season 2: CAST

Although, we have not received any confirmation or an official statement about the official cast of the show, we can sure hope for the original cast to return to the screens.

This includes Nina Fotaras as Ade, Giorgio Belli as Pietro, and Gian Domenico Cupaiuolo as Sante in the main roles and Giada Gagliardi as Valente, Barbara Ronchi as Antalia, Adalgisa Manfrida as Persepolis, Gloria Carovana as Cesaria,, Roberto De Francesco as Marzio Oreggi Camille and Dugay Comencini as Aquileia.

Others may include Manuela Mandracchia, Lucrezia Guidone, and Federica Fracassi.

Luna Nera Season 2: PLOT

As of now, no official trailer has been released. This is only adding to our anticipation and wait for the sequel and we are all for it.

Due to the stalled discussions for a sequel, even the plot cannot be revealed and we can only fantasize about what the sequel will be.

We can be sure that the storyline for the second cycle will be as exciting and thrilling as its first installment. There are also fan-based storylines that some have drafted up while waiting.

Witchcraft has us hooked for sure and the storyline is quite exciting. We cannot wait for the update on the series. Do you wish for the series to be renewed as much as we do? Do comment to let us know.

Stay tuned with us for more exciting updates and previews from the series!

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