Lupin: Season 2? Renewed Or Cancelled?


What should have been a fun-filled day at the beach for Assane, her ex-partner Claire, and their son turned into a nightmare when Raoul was kidnapped.

While Assane was preoccupied with proving to her son’s mother that he was engaged to her and Raoul, Leonard, one of Hubert Pellegrini’s henchmen, was putting the teenager into a car.

Pellegrini had ordered him not to harm Assane’s family, but, when Leonard’s initial efforts to stop him were thwarted, he deduced that kidnapping the thief’s son was the most effective plan.

But that was not the only problem the protagonist was forced to face.

Youssef, the detective who discovered the connection between Assane and Arsène Lupine (without the help of his colleagues, it must be said), located the protagonist.

Assange’s strongest point has always been her ability to escape difficult situations, such as when she escaped from prison by miraculously faking her own death.

But Youssef is smart and tenacious, refusing to go down the trail despite the challenges presented to him.

All signs point to the two men teaming up to bring Pellegrini to justice, in turn exonerating Assane’s father, Babakar.

All her life, Assane had been led to believe that her father was a thief.

Babakar had allegedly stolen the legendary Marie Antoinette’s necklace from a safe in the Pellegrini house while working as the family’s chauffeur. It was later believed to have been dismantled, with the seven gemstones scattered throughout the world.

But Pellegrini allegedly managed to track them all and the jewel was reassembled.

Babakar had initially denied the accusation, but later claimed responsibility and was imprisoned, apparently taking his own life.

But that story suddenly turns upside down.

After Assane stole the necklace during an auction at the Louvre, her best friend Benjamin, an antique collector and restorer, discovered that the piece had never been disassembled.

Instead, all that narrative had been fabricated for the benefit of Pellegrini’s pocket.

Pellegrini’s daughter Juliette confirmed this, telling Assane, with whom she was once romantically involved, that the couple lied to create rumors about seniority before it went up for auction.

And there is also the matter of Babakar’s death.

We learned that Babakar had signed a confession after Pellegrini had his wife Anne convince him to do so. In doing so, Babakar was led to believe that his time in prison would be reduced thanks to his collaboration.

But with the necklace still missing, his sentence remained unchanged, a key piece of information that the man, who was innocent, was not told.

It was there, in his concrete cell, that Babakar died, not by his own hand, but by someone else’s.

In episode one, there is a flashback in which a young Assane goes to visit his father in jail and, shortly before he is found dead, a man who bears a strong resemblance to Leonard appears briefly showing him a haunting smile before being dragged away by a prison officer.

Destroying Pellegrini will now be much more difficult since he knows that Assane is the man plotting against him. But if our prediction is correct and Youssef decides to cooperate, they have a chance to fight together.

The duo would form a formidable force with their great shared knowledge of Maurice Leblanc’s ‘Lupine’ stories.

Netflix hasn’t announced yet when the second part will be released, but as soon as we know, you’ll be the first to know.


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