Lupine: Everything Known So Far!


‘ Lupine ‘, the French Netflix heist series based on the Arsenio Lupine novels written by Maurice Leblanc, looks set to become another worldwide hit in the style of ‘Lady’s Gambit’. Like this one, the series stars a tormented genius who does tormented genius, playing games and winning games and always looking down on his tragic past.

And while ‘Lady’s Gambit’ will only have one season, because it is a miniseries, ‘Lupine’ seeks to follow the example of ‘Sherlock’, keeping the action after eleven hours of cliffhangers and plots about nemesis.

The first part of the first season of ‘Lupine’ aired on January 8, with five episodes of around 50 minutes each. The good news is that the second part is not waiting to be given the green light: the second part is definitely coming to Netflix, concluding the events of season 1. (Nothing is known yet about a true season 2 ).

‘Lupine’: When is Part 2 coming to Netflix?

While we do not know the exact date of the new episodes, we have certain precedents that can help us. Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ series also premiered in two batches, the second part aired just over three months after the first. The second part of ‘Lupine’ will consist of another five episodes, probably of similar length. They could appear in the Netflix catalog sometime this winter or early spring (we hope).

‘Lupine’: What will happen in Part 2?

The first part concluded with Assane ( Omar Sy ) and (ex-wife?) Claire ( Ludvine Sangier ) searching for their son Raoul ( Etan Simon ) during a ‘Lupine’ celebration on the French coast. Here two plot stories converge, with Pellegrini’s killer kidnapping Raoul (somehow just an hour after being arrested) and detective Youssef Guedira confirming his hunch and confronting Assane (“Lupine”). It is the first time Assane has been caught off guard and apparently without a plan to get him out of the rut.

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