Magneto’s ultimate form is even cooler

Magneto's ultimate form is even cooler
Magneto's ultimate form is even cooler

Hey peeps! I have a task for you today.

How much would you give Magneto out of 10 on the basis of powers? 10 on 10 because the Omega-level Mutant is memorable with his powers and iconic Cape-and-helm look, right?

Yes, I get it!

Magneto has had many impressive displays of his ability to change the magnetic fields throughout all the years, an enemy of the X-Men and a global risk to humanity, he is the most-wanted villain of all times. 

Once Magneto is seen to be having good terms with the X-Men and is seen spending his spare time protecting and handling mutant affairs when he was found approached by Namor, who asks Magneto to be his failsafe, he promises to prepare Magneto by increasing his power levels in case the King of Atlantis and his clandestine compatriots are not successful.

Magneto's ultimate form is even cooler
Magneto’s ultimate form is even cooler

In the story, Magneto along with his woman Briar is seen investigating methods to increase his already wide-amalgamated power.

He is provided with power amplifiers, his powers continue to grow as the world continuously crumbles. He also steals Polaris’s powers for his own improvement.

 Now guess what the ultimate version of Magneto is! It’s a fanatical terrorist who helps in reuniting the evil Mutants, he sees himself as a mutants Messiah willing to kill millions in the process, but ultimately the powerful man is unable to prevent the Incursion from happening and thus is being killed in the process.

The ending is sad enough! 

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