Malcom & Marie: Age Difference Is Not A Thing!


With Zendaya and John David Washington as protagonists, the creator of ‘ Euphoria ‘, Sam Levinson, counted on the stars to shoot a story that, according to the first rumors, had certain similarities with the recent ‘ Story of a marriage ‘ (Noah Baumbach, 2019). Now we know that the plot will tell the homecoming of a filmmaker (Washington) with his girlfriend (Zendaya), after a promotional world tour.

” I got this script and a call from Sam, and he started reading me the dialogue between Malcolm and Marie for about 10 pages, ” Washington tells Variety. “ I couldn’t believe it. They were beautiful words that I heard, and at the same time very disturbing and with visceral confrontations. I started to get anxious and nervous because I didn’t hear any stage directions. I got nothing but dialogue. So I heard all these words and said, ‘I love it, but can I read it?’ And Sam said, ‘No, not yet.’ And he hung up ”.

“I just knew I had to. It was something I desperately needed from an artistic point of view, ”says the actor. 

When filming began, no more than 12 people were on set at the same time, and the cast members took care of their own costumes and microphones. Now it has become one of the most anticipated titles of the year and, although both HBO and Amazon Prime Video received the promotional footage as potential buyers, it will be Netflix that, 30 million dollars through, is in charge of its distribution.

ut not even this small title with gigantic potential has been spared from blurring its passage through networks by some questionable decision, as is the usual bet to bring together on-screen pairs of interpreters of different sexes in which she is always conspicuously younger.

“ I was not worried because she is a woman. People are going to see in this film what a woman she is “, the interpreter answers when the journalist remembers that he turned 36 in the middle of filming while his partner was not over 23.” She has much more experience than I in the industry. I’ve only been at this for seven years, she’s been here longer so I’m learning from her. I’m the rookie, I relied on her a lot ”.

For further updates on Malcolm & Marie “ stay tuned and keep reading ” “.

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