Margot Robbie Assures BARBIE Will Be Different


Get rid of the idea that you have in the head of the movie!

Margot Robbie promises her movie ‘Barbie’ “will give you something totally different”
The actress stars in and produces from her own production company, LuckyChap Entertainment.

In her choices made as a performer and producer, actress Margot Robbie is an intriguing figure in the entertainment industry right now. Your decisions are always uncertain. That, and that also from their production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, they have raised projects of the most diverse. That is why what surrounds the film that he is going to do about Barbie is a whole uncertainty. The film has Greta Gerwig as director, as well as co-writer of the script, along with her partner, the director Noah Baumbach.

Robbie spoke alongside his LuckyChap producing partners Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara, and McNamara called Barbie his “Everest.” Robbie has said this regarding the project:

” The IP, the name itself, people already immediately have an idea of ​​’Oh, Margot is going to play Barbie, I know what it is,’ but our goal is to be more like ‘Whatever you’re thinking, we’re going to give you something totally different, which you didn’t know you wanted ‘… Now, can we really honor the IP and the fan base, as well as surprise people, because if we can do all of that and spark a thoughtful conversation, then we will really be being as effective as possible? ”
And is there anything new on that Baumbach / Gerwig script? Unfortunately, Robbie couldn’t say a word about it, except, ” All we can say is that it’s not what you’re thinking.

So what could this Barbie movie be? Based on the filmography of Baumbach and Gerwig, and the recent emancipatory themes of films produced by LuckyChap ranging from ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Me, Tonya’ and ‘A promising young woman’, we could see a Barbie estranged from Ken and how a totally free, independent, emancipated woman, shedding all the accessories with which we have met the famous Mattel doll? Time will tell

‘A promising young woman’, the other film produced by Robbie, but starring Carey Mulligan and directed by Emerald Fennell (also an actress, seen in ‘The Crown’), will hit theaters in February 2021.

As for Robbie, in addition to ‘Barbie’, he has several projects in pre-production within his company. The next time we see her in front of the camera it will be with ‘The suicide squad’, which will arrive next summer.


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