Margot Robbie Wants LGBTQ Characters In Her Pirates Of The Caribbean


The new version of Pirates of the Caribbean starring Margot Robbie will be quite different from the other films in the saga.

For some time now, Disney has wanted to restart Pirates of the Caribbean and for the new version they have hired the actress Margot Robbie who has become worldwide popular thanks to playing Harley Quinn in DC Comics movies . But she also produces her own projects and when she signs for an important role she usually demands that she be able to make very important decisions about her characters.

So Margot Robbie has decided that the new version of Pirates of the Caribbean will be much more feminine and her character will be LGBTQ .

This decision shows how much times have changed.

If we go back to 2003, Disney was very concerned about the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie . Mainly because they did not understand Johnny Depp’s performance , in fact during the filming they caught his attention several times, because they thought that Jack Sparrow was drunk all day or that he was too gay. You just have to review these recent statements. But all that motivated the actor to make his character even more extravagant. Interestingly, his performance was so shocking that the film was a tremendous success, spawning a 5-part franchise and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor (that year Sean Penn won for Mystic River). Now Margot Robbie you won’t have that problem.

Almost 20 years later, everything has changed and the new version of Pirates of the Caribbean will have great creative freedom from Disney . So the crew of the “Black Pearl” or the ship they use could have an all-female crew and Captain Redd played by Margot Robbie can be LGBTQ without any problem.

Are you eager to see a version of Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp and starring Margot Robbie? Hopefully they will soon reveal the cast and plot of this story.


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