The zombie apocalypse is something that indicates horrifying death. Movies that focus on this subject often start their stories from the point when the apocalypse is just starting.

In the new movie of Mark Dacascos, the norm of zombie movies will be broken as this movie will start from the point when the apocalypse has taken all over the world.

Mark is safe, but then something terrible happens. What happens exactly, read on to find out.  


Mark Dacascos plays the part of a retired assassin who has now devoted his life in protecting his wife and daughter from a zombie apocalypse that has gripped the whole world.


Things are a bit different in this movie as the apocalypse has already spread across the world and Mark is in a cordoned off city, safe and away from danger but unfortunately this safe city is attacked by the zombies and in a very small amount of time, Mark is forced to train his daughter to fire a gun, drive a car and to fight so that she can survive in the zombie-infested city.

What makes things more interesting is that Mark’s on-screen daughter and wife are his real-life daughter and wife as well. Mark said the involvement of his family has made this project special and it was a delightful experience to work with his family.     

It will be interesting to see this new take on zombie movies. Mark’s fans are all ready to see their star in action and are also looking forward to seeing his daughter and wife in action. Do let us know what do you think about this new approach.

See back soon readers.

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