Marvel Announces Replacement For Iron Man


It had been playing for a long time and Kevin Feige finally confirmed yesterday that Marvel Studios is preparing an Ironheart television series for Disney +

Iron Man’s successor in the comics will make his live-action debut following Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: Endgame. Yesterday it was confirmed after months of rumors that Marvel Studios is preparing an Ironheart series for Disney + with Dominique Thorne playing Riri Williams.

The plans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could have been significantly delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, but that does not mean that they stopped working on the development of new projects. With the end of the infinity saga and the demise of Iron Man, there have been discussions about who could fill the huge void left in the MCU after being in it since its inception in 2008. And Tony Stark had been left without a clear successor. Unlike the rest of his fellow founders ed the Avengers so far thanks to a new Disney + series.

As announced by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, an Ironheart series is in development for Disney +. With Riri Williams played by If Beale Street Could Talk actress Dominique Thorne.

Brian Michael Bendis created Riri in 2015, a 15-year-old prodigy who designed her own version of the Iron Man suit in the comics. Over time, she became a superhero on her own, assuming the persona of Ironheart shortly after Tony Stark slipped into a coma after Civil War II. While Iron Man was physically incapacitated during his early days as Ironheart, Tony’s consciousness functioned as the AI ​​in his suit, allowing him to guide him through his adventures. It is unknown if Marvel Studios will use this particular element in Ironheart, which would allow Robert Downey Jr. to reprise his role in the MCU, although numerous rumors suggest that this could happen.

In 2018, an Ironheart script by Jada Rodríguez appeared on the Black List, floating the idea that Marvel Studios might be secretly working on the project. At the time, it was not known that Iron Man’s days in the MCU were numbered, as Tony Stark / Iron man was set to make the sacrifice play in Endgame. The script mentioned above was called “one of the best scripts” that the organization read that week. However, Marvel Studios did not speak about this, and it is not yet clear if they are drawing inspiration from existing material for the next Disney + series.

Whatever the case, Thorpe’s casting is an indication that Feige and his team are well underway on the project, meaning it could hit Disney + in the near future, assuming filming will return to a normal pace one once the coronavirus pandemic ends or the vaccine begins to be administered massively.


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