Marvel Black Widow Update: Release Date

Marvel Black Widow Update: Release Date
Marvel Black Widow Update: Release Date

Marvel is the record-breaking franchise, and this year was supposed to be the Marvel year. They were all set to launch many series like Eternal and release movies like Black Widow. But along with time things changed and changed the release date of films and series.

But luckily we have a new date, we have our favourite movies in our slot, and by the end of this year, we will have Black Widow. Marvel was all silent this year, no easter eggs, nothing. They are ready to launch something big. 

After Chadwick Boseman left us we still can hear him for the last time in Eternal. He had completed his lines and dubbed the whole session. Fans will be waiting for Eternals a lot, and we will be providing some exclusive news of Eternals too i.e. related to the release date. 

What to Look For!

Marvel Black Widow Update: Release Date
Marvel Black Widow Update: Release Date

Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow is not part of the Marvel Franchise anymore, she will have her last movie this year. As the storyline will take us before all the Avenger stuff. We will get to know about who actually Natasha was and what changed her life. 

The major twist is we will have two Black Widows and a new Villain. The cherry on the Top is if you look for Black Widow on google you will have a surprise, there is Robert Downey Jr., and it would be exciting to watch him again as a part of a Marvel movie. 

Black Widow Release Date!

After so much delay, fans will have Natasha Romanoff to have her maiden Solo movie. But UK fans have an advantage because Marvel usually releases their movies first in the UK except for the Endgame series. 

And the same goes for Black Widow, the movie will release one week prior to America. America will have their Black Widow on the 6th of November, this date was fixed for Eternals and now you will get Eternals in 2021. 

Marvel will release their movie in Uk on the 28th of October, and the movie is all set to release in other countries too.

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