Marvel Reveals Its Best Universe


Marvel reveals which is the best Universe of all.

In Marvel, there is an infinite number of Universes and 616 is considered the primary, but that does not mean that it is the best.

Attention SPOILERS of the Marvel comic Doctor Doom # 10. In this story, Victor von Doom was trying to save the world from a black hole that threatened to destroy the entire planet. Doom built a complex satellite that would nullify the effects of the black hole, manipulating it to feed on itself. Afterward, he intended to turn himself in for his past crimes as a great Marvel villain, hoping that once his time was up, he could begin a new chapter as a hero.

However, Doctor Doom’s ego and paranoia got in the way as usual. When his rival Reed Richards texted him and wished him luck, Doom began to suspect that Reed must have known something was wrong, prompting him to panic and hasty last-minute adjustments to his satellite, resulting in a massive explosion. He awakens in another reality at the beginning of Marvel’s Doctor Doom comic # 10.

The great villain wakes up in a Universe that seems the best of all, including 616.
Doom learns that the black hole was indeed a wormhole, and the explosion transported him to this new world where a version of himself arrives to greet him. This Victor von Doom does not wear the same armor or mask as the original, although he leads an extremely advanced version of Latveria. All of this Marvel reality has been at peace for a long time and has caused it to be much more advanced than the main universe 616.

What is the big difference between Universes?

Doom learns the cost of having the best Marvel Universe . But it seems that he is not willing to accept it, as he would have to forgive and reconcile with his great rival Reed Richards. So it all ends badly, as Doom killed the best Doom, but it doesn’t stop there. Since he mercilessly destroys all reality before returning to his own universe, proving that he will always be a villain and the great cause of the misfortunes of the Marvel reality in which he lives.


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