Marvel Reveals The Great Eternals Reboot


In a recent preview, Marvel shows the exciting new beginning for The Eternals, the great protectors of Earth.

Directed by comic book master Kieron Gillen (Phonogram and The Wicked + The Divine) and Marvel star illustrator Esad Ribic (Silver Surfer: Requiem, King Thor), The Eternal’s new adventure looks set to be just as exciting as the film. that will premiere in 2021.

The Eternals preview features concept art that introduces readers to Marvel characters, including Sersi, Makkari, Thena, Zuras, Sprite, Kingo, as well as the main protagonist Ikaris. Fans can also read the first five pages of Eternals # 1. These pages give fans a poignant sense of the book’s raw tone, the advanced celestial technology that operates behind the scenes, the politics in a society of secret beings like gods, as well as the routine of immortal life. The whole backdrop for a superhero comic that Marvel has slowly built up.

Who will be the villain?

Marvel has already revealed the return of an old archenemy, Thanos himself. Since the “crazy titan” is ready to play an important role in the return of The Eternals to the center of the action in the Marvel Universe. He has also made a promise: the only thing that will be eternal will be death. As this will be an entry point into the Eternals myth for many readers, it’s a good idea to have such an important and recognizable villain to help establish a new fan base.

Marvel wants these comics to become the preview of the film that will be released in 2021, as this will make the characters more known to the general public.

The Eternals were originally created by the legendary Jack Kirby after his return to Marvel Comics in the mid-1970s, after a brief stint creating DC Comics’ The New Gods. The lore is complex and combines elements of science fiction and epic mythology.

These beings are a race of immortal protectors created by the first host of Celestials who came to Earth to experiment with early life forms. Its purpose is simple: to fight the Deviants, also created by the Celestials, and all their offspring. The story of the Eternals in the Marvel Universe has actually been used as a canon explanation for why some humans have developed superpowers. What is important to know is that the Eternals have existed since the earliest humanoid life forms in our solar system, protecting humanity and serving the Celestials ever since.


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