Marvel Wants You To See The Unseen Journey Of Captain America


Something that Avengers: Endgame didn’t show is how Captain America returned the Infinity Stones and Marvel Studios is planning a project on that.

Avengers: Endgame is probably Marvel Studios’ biggest movie because it signifies the culmination of the epic journey of Earth’s heroes. We were also able to say goodbye to Iron Man who sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos, Black Widow who sacrificed himself to get the Soul Gem, and Captain America who traveled in time to return the Infinity Gems and lived a long and full life with his great love Peggy Carter.

But … How did he return the Infinity Stones without altering events? Now Marvel Studios wants to tell about that exciting adventure, as it is in the early stages of a project in development that follows Captain America as he traveled through time, leaving the powerful objects where they belonged before staying with Peggy Carter.

For now, it is not clear if it will be a movie, a live-action series, or even an animated series for Disney +, but without a doubt, the project is quite interesting.

For now, they are waiting to see if the animated series What if…? it works as they hope to start developing new installments of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe in this format.

Will Chris Evans return?

Actor Chris Evans, who has played Captain America since his debut at Marvel Studios in 2011, hasn’t definitely ruled out an epic comeback. Although it seems that he is not in much of a hurry to put on the First Avenger suit again. Even so, let’s hope that the project continues since it would be quite interesting to see how he returns to New York in 2012, to Asgard in 2013, to the planet Morag and especially to Vormir where his first great enemy Red Skull is. Since the villain used the Tesseract with the Space Gem inside and ended up being the guardian of the Soul Gem.

Although it would also be quite interesting to know how Captain America lived through the years with Peggy Carter. Since knowing both of them sure they fought crime in “spy mode”, so this story would surely be interesting to expand the content of Marvel Studios on Disney+. Even if it was in animation format.


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