Marvel’s What If…? Will Have More Than One Cameo


Screenwriter AC Bradley confirms that Marvel’s What If…? will feature more than one surprise cameo that will thrill the audience.

This year, after the delays due to the pandemic, Marvel Studios begins its Phase 4. This time the movies are joined by the exclusive Disney + series. A new format with exploring known and new Marvel characters. The studio also makes the leap to animation with Marvel’s What If…? . The antilogic series will present in each episode an alternative development to the favorite characters of the MCU. And now the scriptwriter of the series confirms that there will be quite a few surprise cameos.

During Comic-Con San Diego 2019, Marvel Studios announced the premiere of Marvel’s What If…? on Disney +. It was also confirmed that the MCU actors would lend their voice in the animated series to maintain realism. The series’ scriptwriter, AC Bradley reveals on his Twitter account that the already announced cast will be joined by more than one surprise cameo. In addition, it clarifies that the characters of each story may appear in other episodes without a problem.

“Spoilers! I can say that there will be more than a few surprising cameos from the MCU, and characters can and will appear in more than one episode. ”

The Marvel’s What If…? it was first featured in the comics. Now the studio points to animation as the perfect model with which to transfer it to its cinematographic universe. In 2019, AC Bradley confirmed in an interview with Discussing Film that each episode would explore an alternate plot for each character in the MCU. The objective is to present the vast majority of characters. “ Making one movie per episode is not the goal. The goal is to see the most characters from these 23 movies. See more than one character in each episode ”.

The first season of Marvel’s What If…? will feature ten episodes that will give a new meaning to the stories of the studio’s heroes. At the moment several plots of the series have been presented. What would have happened if Peggy Carter received become the super soldier? Or what would have become of T’Challa if Yondu had taken him instead of Peter Quill? Marvel Studios will seek to answer these and many other possibilities.

In addition, everything indicates that we have much to see and that Marvel Studios has several secrets up its sleeve. As Bradley explains, each episode will show us a new reality from each movie. But that in an episode more than one universe can be mixed, like the episode of T’Challa that brings together the Guardians of the Galaxy with Black Panther.

“Kevin [Feige] told us that we would explore each movie from a different point of view. But not every episode is about a movie, I don’t know if that makes sense. In the trailer [shown at the D23 Expo], there is an image of T’Challa as Star-Lord. We wanted to see if the worlds of Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther could come together. That way we take two universes, two to three films, and we twist them in a new way ”.

Marvel’s What If…? premieres in the summer of this year on Disney +


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