Matrix 4 Star Thought Covid-19 Pandemic Would Cancel The Production Of Movie


Jessica Henwick was convinced that the fourth installment of The Matrix was going to be canceled after the production stoppage due to the pandemic.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) came into our lives about a year ago. In this time, the pandemic has completely affected our normality. For its part, the film industry was not spared from restrictions. In March, when the cases increased dramatically, the studios were forced to halt their filming. One of those affected was the long-awaited sequel to The Matrix. Lana Wachowski will be the only sister in charge of directing the project. Now actress Jessica Henwick tells how she took the production break.

Jessica Henwick met with WWD magazine to discuss her career and what it has been like to join the Matrix. The actress reveals that the situation is surreal and that she is grateful to be part of this new project. Henwick says he arrived in Germany in early 2020 to begin filming for the film. They were only able to record for a week before it was decided that they had to put production on hold. The break lasted for three months and the actress confesses that she thought the studio was going to cancel the entire project because of the pandemic.

“I think when the situation is happening it is difficult to discuss it. The Matrix experience. But it was crazy. It has been like a whirlwind. But I am very grateful to be able to work in these circumstances. And I am very grateful that we also had the opportunity to return to the film. Because it was one of our concerns when the lockdown was decreed. I thought it was going to stop altogether. So I feel pretty lucky right now.”

The truth is that the current situation is something that had not been seen before. So it is normal that Jessica Henwick was not entirely clear what the future of the film would be. But then again, Warner would have already invested too much money. In itself, the special effects budget would add astronomical figures. And we would have to add the cast contracts. Matrix 4 will feature the return of Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Picket Smith. In addition to the new additions.

For now, the cast’s reactions to the film are good. Not just because the experience of being part of the Matrix is ​​amazing. But because it seems that the movie will exceed expectations. Henwick already said in October that she was sure that Lana Wachowski would revolutionize the industry again with Matrix 4. Actor Yahya-Abdul Mateen II had a similar reaction and confessed that the script is very good.

Although the production has not escaped controversy. Matrix 4 would have disguised its end-of-shoot party as a scene from the movie to get around the restrictions. The Guardian reports that more than 200 people attended the party pretending to be extras. In breach of German restrictions that allow a maximum of 50. It is said that hardly anyone wore masks and that no scene was shot that night. For its part, the studio claims it was part of the film.

Matrix 4 premieres on December 22, 2021.


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