Matthew Perry’s Father Appeared In Friends


A few days ago it was Lisa Kudrow who said that, finally, the filming of the reunion of ‘Friends’ was going to take place this spring. Thus, the one who played the charismatic Phoebe confirmed that the longed-for meeting – which should have taken place in 2020, but hey … – is closer than ever. A ‘comeback’ that, sorry, will not be scripted, but will be a chat between friends, something that has not happened in front of the cameras since 2004, the year the iconic series ended. And is that ‘Friends’ is as in vogue as before, becoming a rare timeless phenomenon for a fiction whose first episode was broadcast more than two decades ago. 

A few days ago we told you that Netflix has definitively removed Rachel and company from its catalog, moving to HBO, today we come to tell you an anecdote that has been overlooked all this time.

It turns out that Matthew Perry’s father – Chandler in fiction – appeared in an episode of the series! And be careful, because it will be especially painful for you not to have realized this when you verify that father and son are identical.

The episode in which Matthew Perry’s father appeared on ‘Friends’

This appearance is added to the long list of cameos made up of figures such as Julia Roberts, Danny Devito, Reese Witherspoon, Bruce Willis or Brad Pitt – the latter came to break the audience with his presence due to the courtship he had with Aniston at the time. Because yes, Matthew’s father, John Bennett Perry, is also an actor, although he is not a familiar face to the ‘mainstream’ public. His short appearance occurred during episode 18 of the fourth season, ‘The one with Rachel’s new dress’. In this episode, Rachel has a date with her boyfriend Joshua, during which they end up going home with the intention of ‘going to more’. However, in the middle of the evening and when Rachel is in her underwear, the young man’s parents appear and interrupt them.

See, they are identical, how has no one ever told us this before? 16 years after his departure, ‘Friends’ continues to surprise us.

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