Meg Ryan’s sex scandal.


How much do you like reading about scandalous affairs? A lot? Good! So, here is one such update for you about Meg Ryan’s sex scandal as affair with Russell Crowe exploded marriage to Dennis Quaid. Read below to know more.

What’s up with Meg, Dennis and Russel?

Meg and Dennis got married back in 1991 and had a son together whose name is Jack and is now 28 years old. due to the roles played by her as the leading lady in many rom coms, Meg Ryan had a very clean and controversy free image back in the 90’s. But then, one fine day, she fell in love with Russell Crowe and her love affair made headlines and she became the talk of the town.

Her reputation and image completely changed ever since the affair and then she was only known for cheating on her husband and not for any of her works. Maybe because people couldn’t see the sight of a perfect marriage falling apart.

She met Russell in 2000 on the sets of ‘Proof Of Life’ and the pair had an instant attraction towards each other. While on the other hand, their affair caused awkwardness amongst the other cast and crew members of the film that the film’s director Taylor Hackford openly blamed them for the film being a big flop.

According to the sources, Russell wanted to marry Meg and have kids with her so badly. While Ryan felt that all the attention and gifts were overwhelming and burdening because she didn’t want to settle with him too soon.

Sadly, the relationship only lasted a few months and the couple broken up by Christmas of the same year their relationship stared. and before that Meg even divorced her husband Dennis.

This affair stayed with the audience for a longer period of time that it is even getting discussed now as well.

We will be back soon with more such ‘news affairs’. Just make sure to stay tuned in order to catch them up as early as possible.

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