Money Heist Korean Version Confirmed By Netflix!


The streaming platform officially announces the Korean version of Casa de Papel and production will begin soon.

La Casa de Papel has become a success not only in Spain but throughout the world. The series created by Alex Pina was originally produced by Atresmedia. Until Netflix saw the potential and decided to take over the production. With the ease offered by the streaming platform, La Casa de Papel soon fell in love with a global audience. After four seasons, it is one of the most popular titles on Netflix and the platform wants to continue monetizing the phenomenon.

In summer, it was revealed that Netflix would be working on producing a Korean version of La Casa de Papel. The news about it confirmed that producers, writers, and directors would work on its development. But the platform did not want to confirm or deny it. So the possibility remained in the air. Until today, when Netflix confirms that the Korean remake is real and that they will begin production during 2021.

In the official statement, the streaming platform reveals that they have given the green light to the first season. It will be made up of 12 episodes and will feature an all-new Korean version of La Casa de Papel. It will be located on the Korean peninsula and the project will be led by Kim Hong-Sun. The director has great experience in the world of Korean action dramas. They also confirm that it will feature the script by Ryu Yong-Jae. Ryu already worked with Netflix on the drama My Holo Love.

According to Netflix executives, they want to continue taking advantage of the popularity of La Casa de Papel. People don’t care where the content they consume comes from. If not they are looking for good stories. “The international popularity of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel is proof that significant projects based on other cultures and languages ​​can be distributed by Netflix and loved by global audiences.”

La Casa de Papel premiered its fourth season this year. It is expected that the fifth will be the last and that it will arrive on Netflix during 2021, so the platform would be considering new possibilities, one of them the Korean version. Netflix will handle the distribution. Korean companies BH Entertainment and Contents Zium will work on the production. The statement in English released by the platform also includes the statements of the creator Alex Pina. He is quite satisfied with the decision and wants to see what they do with his idea.

Korean creators have been developing their own audiovisual language and culture in recent years. They have managed, like our series, to go beyond cultural limits and become a point of reference for thousands of people around the world. Especially for young people. That is why I find it fascinating that the world of La Casa de Papel is so attractive to Korean creators and adapting it. The fact that the action is centered on the Korean peninsula also strikes me as an achievement that I am delighted about ”.

Do you want to see the Korean version of La Casa de Papel?


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