Mortal Kombat star addresses future of his character in the series

Mortal Kombat spoilers follow.

Mortal Kombat star Joe Taslim has stood in opposition to his future in the establishment, uncovering that he is cheerful that his character Sub-Zero will show up in another Mortal Kombat film.

Taslim plays professional killer Bi-Han/Sub-Zero in Simon McQuoid’s new computer game variation, albeit the character meets a fairly blazing end on account of Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) toward the finish of the film.

Nonetheless, as computer game fans will know, a character’s demise doesn’t really imply that they’re really away for great, and inside the Mortal Kombat universe Sub-Zero is at last restored into Noob Saibot.

Addressing The Hollywood Reporter, Taslim uncovered that he is confident that he’ll find the opportunity to play Sub-Zero again in a future film project, saying that he couldn’t imagine anything better than to take on “the following change of the character”.

“Assuming the fans need this establishment to proceed, there’s a solid possibility that the subsequent stage for Bi-Han is to play Noob Saibot,” he said. “Fingers crossed, yet I trust it happens in light of the fact that I unquestionably need to play that character.”

Nonetheless, a spin-off isn’t the lone street that the establishment could take and Taslim likewise has a strong thought for a prequel film highlighting his character’s sibling.

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“Truth be told, the most fascinating way, as I would like to think, is to do a prequel,” he said. “It would be a tale about Bi-Han and his preparation in the Lin Kuei. At the point when he got stole by the Lin Kuei, his folks were slaughtered. So it would be the cycle of him and his sibling turning out to be professional killers, and I imagine that is very fascinating also.”

The entertainer added that he is excited about the possibility of another film following the computer game’s storyline, which would see Bi-Han’s sibling Kuai Liang accepting the responsibility of Sub-Zero.

“I like that thought,” he said. “On the off chance that they do a spin-off, we are likely going to see Noob Saibot. Assuming they do a prequel, we would will see two future Sub-Zeros of every one film, and that would be captivating.”

The film unquestionably leaves things off with a solid opportunities for spin-offs of follow, with Mortal Kombat’s consummation proposing that acclaimed warrior Johnny Cage could be making his introduction in another film.

Truth be told, author Greg Russo has uncovered that he’s really made arrangements for a set of three for the establishment, so the chance of seeing Sub-Zero again is presumably much more than nothing.

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