Movies Other Than ‘365 Days’ is a Must Watch Movie : Michele Morrone:


Are you a sucker for predictable romantic movies? Then this article is for you! You also might know the Polish erotic drama 365 Days, which landed in the top ten list on Netflix in various countries in less than a week.

Today, it has become one of the most-watched films on the streaming platform. Viewers can’t take their eyes off of the hot duo Massimo and Laura played by Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka. 

The second part or 365 Days 2 sequel of the movie will take some to launch on Netflix. So until then, you have a lot of time to watch hundreds of similar romantic movies.

The movies won’t be appropriate for family movie night but can watch it alone or with your lover. We have added three pulse-raising love romantic movies like 365 Days, which you can watch on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or any other streaming services.

1. Palm Trees In The Snow

The movie stars handsome Mario Casas as Killian and Berta Vázquez as Bisila. The romantic colonial drama showcases the story of two lovers. The plot is set in the Spanish colonization in Equatorial Guinea. The movie is based on a book named Palmeras en la nieve by Luz Gabás. The film revolves around a guy named Killian and Bisila.

The best part about this film is that the characters have their storylines, which are crafted into one complete storyline. Besides, fans loved the cinematography of the movie, which is riveting, brilliant, and colorful. It is a must-watch for romantic cliche lovers.

2. Sadece Sen

Many Turkish romantic movies are now being loved by international fans. One of them is Sadece Sen, which brings out raw emotions on the screen. This twisted love story chronicles around a gentle, sweet, and sincere blind woman, and a retired ex-boxer, who is dealing with the demons from his past.

As usual, both of them encounter each other and fall in love. But this movie is nothing like any other ordinary romantic flick. It shows how an emotionally wounded man is looking for peace in a good and strong woman. Hazal falls in love with Ali for who he was and is, which is the best cinematic experience for viewers. So we would give it 10 on 10 to the film.

3. Isi & Ossi

If you are into a rich girl and poor boy romantic cliche flicks then you will love this one as well. The movie is very predictable from the start, where two people from different worlds meet each other. Isi is a young billionaire who is planning to move to the concrete city of New York to pursue culinary arts.

However, her parents are against her decision and want her to join a business school. Soon she realizes that she cannot escape this so she takes the help of Ossi, who is a struggling boxer. He lives in a small apartment with his mother. Viewers will enjoy this film where two people collide and fall in love with each other.


Do not forget to add these three films to your watch list. Stay connected with us if you want to read more about romantic films as it gets released on any streaming platforms.

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