Narcos Mexico Season 3: The Crime telltales You Should Know About

Narcos Mexico Season 3: The Crime telltales You Should Know About
Narcos Mexico Season 3: The Crime telltales You Should Know About

Crime stories have been an integral part of my life since childhood. The thought of investigating a crime being a detective would add pleasure to the little mind. I know, Right! After all, we grew up reading Sherlock Holmes. 

Now, with the change in time and life style, we really face time crunch. 

But how can we afford to part with our old love.

Therefore, to relive those childhood days with a tint of adulthood in it, why not grasp on some crime drama series. Yes Guys, you have heard that correct! There is a buzz about the start of Narcos: Mexico season 3.

This will be amazing, isn’t it?

Quick Updates

Though there has been no official statement about this from the main digital platform Netflix and even the date and time of air is still not decided, we expect some information on this soon.

This American crime drama web series, created from the production house of Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro was first aired on Netflix in November 2018. The story focuses on the illegal drug trade in Mexico. 

Add On, right! Crime drama with drug trade!

Story so far

The original story, though was based on illegal drug trade in Columbia. This series is a story reprise, based on Mexico.

But Guys, you need not worry, the feel will be the same.

Season 2 which aired this February ended with an explosive exchange between Walt Breslin and Angel Felix Gallardo after which the latter has been imprisoned. New season may have a new Mexican drug lord in its centre stage.

Show runner Eric Newman has given us hints that the show is planning a return and there were indicators that a third season is on the way. The delay is because of this current pandemic. 

Nevertheless, we just wish for a speedy for some speedy information.

  • We are all in this together.
  • Love and Best wishes.


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