Nearly 1 In 3 Women Planning To Purchase Cryptocurrency In 2022, According To A BlockFi Survey.

BlockFi Survey.
BlockFi Survey.

BlockFi has released the third edition of its Real Talk poll, a quarterly series, to better understand the evolving consumer mood toward cryptocurrency and other related topics such as investment. Females and Cryptocurrency:

A Real Conversation Female Americans were polled on their current motivations, behaviours, and attitudes toward cryptocurrency investment, financial wellness, and career objectives. Female Americans were polled by 2.0.

The poll examines changes in attitudes since the initial Real Talk: Women x Crypto study, which was released in September 2021, with some surprising results.

Despite the fact that crypto product adoption remains low, the majority of female crypto owners are purchasing and storing their coins.

Despite some market volatility in 2022, women remain optimistic about cryptocurrency’s long-term potential as an investment. According to the results of BlockFi’s survey:

One-Quarter Of All Bitcoin Owners Are Women

The vast majority of them are HODLers, or people who have purchased and never sold (compared to 55 per cent for the market as a whole).

More than a quarter of female respondents said they were familiar with the process of buying and selling digital currency. Six months ago, only 23% of women claimed to understand how to buy cryptocurrency.

What are the most frequently purchased items by women? Bitcoin accounts for 71%, Dogecoin accounts for 42%, and Ethereum accounts for 12%. (4 per cent). Almost a fifth.

Some 75% of those who own cryptocurrencies are only trading and not involved in the broader ecosystem, which means they haven’t reaped the full benefits of the currency.

As of this writing, only one out of every ten people has a cryptocurrency interest account, and one out of every twenty has purchased NFTs or participated in crypto mining.

Future Industry

Women’s interest in working with cryptocurrency has increased 400% in just one year, so BlockFi surveyed women about their current job search and how they’re looking for new opportunities. According to their feedback:

  • One in ten women believes that crypto is their best bet for a job among the most popular industries. Fintech was mentioned by more than twice as many people as in the previous survey.
  • According to the survey, 16% of women are interested in a crypto career, with 10% planning to look for work in crypto or blockchain-focused organisation in the coming year.
  • Nearly half (49%) of those polled say they find work through friends and family, far outnumbering those who say they use job boards, professional networks, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • Women are interested in cryptocurrencies as a means of achieving financial independence, but they do not know enough about them.
  • Many people are still sceptical, but female crypto-interest is gradually transforming into real-world investing plans. In terms of cryptocurrencies and financial stability, a poll found:
  • 92 per cent of the women polled had heard of cryptocurrency, with 24 per cent already owning some. Eighty per cent of people are sceptical of cryptocurrencies, and seventy-two per cent believe they are risky enough not to bother with.

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