Hello everyone, so we are back with some new updates on your favorite show the ‘Neighbours’. Are you ready to explore Yashvi Rebecchi’s new troubles?  So our latest new update includes the new releasing date, cast, plot, and more other updates on the new season of ‘Neighbours’. So be with us to know more.

Typically a soap opera the ‘Neighbours’ is a Australian television series. As the latest season of this series is about to get released, spoilers have provided a valuable insight to the plot of the latest season and it seems that there is some danger for Yashvi Rebecchi.  

As being a new character, her role is disclosed as she was expected to be seen in the 5th episode.

In the upcoming episodes, Yashvi Rebecchi comes across some certain leads that point Dax Braddock, her boss is circulating drugs but he sets Yashvi up which leads to her suspension from job.

Yashvi still continues to investigate and all this leads to a tense hostage situation. It is sure that the latest season will prove to be an exciting watch.


This series was first aired on 18 march, 1985 on the Seven Network. The director Reg Watson wanted to make realistic stories and portray adult and teenagers who were willing to talk about everything and solve the problems together.

The series has an IMDb rating of 5.4/10. A total of 36 seasons comprising of  8449 episodes have been aired so far.

Neighbors 37: More On Updates On Release 

The latest season of Neighbors is all set to release on 21 September 2020 on Network 10. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, social distancing is being followed. The cast and crew have been divided into groups on the set. Kissing scenes or other intimate scenes will not be enacted for the time being.

Neighbors 37: Cast

In the original cast, the Ramsays family had four family members, the Robinsons had 5 members and the Clarkes were a newly married couple. Over the years all the original characters have exited the show except Paul Robinson. 

In the upcoming new season Yashvi Rebecchi will be seen as new character playing the role of a police officer. For further updates stay tuned with us.

That’s all for now, meet you soon with other updates.    


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