Netflix Announces Animated Sonic Series!


The streaming platform is planning new content. And apparently, Sonic will have his own animated series.

The success of video games is causing them to go from consoles to small screens, as happened with The Witcher on Netflix. It is not the first time that the streaming platform has bet on making a live-action of a title, and so far it has always done well. For this reason, it’s no surprise that you want to make an animated series of Sonic, one of SEGA’s most beloved and iconic hedgehogs.

Sonic is a character that for decades generated a great echo in the interactive art industry. His video games were developed for multiple platforms and managed to reap enviable numbers around the world, causing the hero to become one of SEGA’s icons. Of course, Netflix is ​​aware of this potential and wants to carry out a new project, where the famous blue hedgehog is the main protagonist.

Will there be a series?

Through its social networks, one of the official Netflix accounts shared this great news on Twitter. However, the post was deleted a few minutes later. Perhaps the news still had to be kept secret, and it was released early. The message read the following:

“Rings, done. Sneakers? Ready. Speed? SONIC. Legendary SEGA video game icon comes to Netflix in a new 3D animated series from SEGA, WildBrainHQ, and ManOfActionEnt to premiere in 2022 ”.


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