Netflix: Every Series Cancelled In 2020


Unfortunately throughout 2020 many fictions have fallen.

Life is not fair, we know that. A well-known popular saying that fits that feeling that runs through your body when you hear that a series that you loved has been canceled from Netflix. And this 2020, how could it be otherwise, has brought with it the odd elimination that has caught us quite a bit by surprise, either because of the longevity of the fiction or because of the good functioning that it apparently had on social networks. Thus, the ‘streaming’ platform has planted a resounding and unexpected red light to the odd product that ends its story without a dignified or closed ending – in most cases, the series was preparing for a new season. For example, our beloved Sabrina, who truncates her narrative with her fourth part, or ‘For thirteen reasons’, which after wandering a bit in her story falls on the blacklist.

But do not be sad, despite all the bad things that this year has brought with it, the truth is that the catalog of series (both national and international) has been the most exquisite throughout these months, so turn the page, mourn your loss and get hooked on another fiction. Yes, said process hurts. The only good thing about all this? Paquita Salas has confirmed its fourth season! Let’s take out the cheers and celebrate this excellent news that Netflix gave us.

A few weeks ago it became official: the platform resigns from this series due to complications from the coronavirus. A sudden decision that did not like anything in social networks.

This animation conquered us for six seasons. Now is the time to say goodbye to this horse that has given us so much laughter. You will be missed.

1. ‘Daybreak’…
Another teen product that doesn’t pass the Netflix cutoff. What if he fucks us? Much.

2. ‘Anne with an E’
Why? but why? We liked it (and a lot). Now we attend his funeral in streaming after his third season.

3. ‘AJ and the Queen’
The first installment of this emotional story that mixes ‘drag queens’ with townspeople seemed not to hit the mark. If you have Ru’s monkey, you will have to watch his show ‘RuPaul Drag Race’.

4. ‘Ozark’
We say goodbye to the Byrdes after their fourth season, a series of episodes in which they will give it the ending it deserves.

5. ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’
Possibly one of the topics that will take the longest to overcome on this list. After the second part of its second season, Netflix’s youngest witch leaves after going down (literally) to hell.

6. ‘White Lines’
After a very successful first season, the most unexpected happens: it falls from the catalog and does not get a second part. Of course, the plot of the main delivery is closed (in part).

7. ‘The Society’
This youth dystopia meets its end with the coronavirus crisis. Sorry, it didn’t pass the screen.

8. I Am Not Okay With This’
The fiction starring Sophia Lillies ends abruptly, with plots still unsolved and leaving us with a very bitter feeling. We hope that he will return after the current crisis that plagues culture.

9. ‘Altered Carbon’
After two seasons, this science fiction story that caught our attention in 2018 is coming to an end. Some will not miss it too much.

10 ’13 Reasons Why’
The fiction produced by Selena Gomez does not reach the fifth season. After some unlikely twist, it was something predictable.


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