Netflix is adding A Great Underrated Thriller.


Hello mate. All good? So, ready to check out this new update with us? Good!
Well, as you know, Netflix has literally forgotten the count of movies that it has re-launched on its platform that were so freaking amazing and yet couldn’t gather a handsome amount of audience. The list is increasing day by day and Netflix just added another great thriller this week only for you.

New movie or an Oldie?

‘Midnight special’ a Sic-fi thriller just launched on the 7th of September on Netflix and if you are someone who likes watching such old and gold films that are given second chance just to impress you, you will truly be delighted to watch this one.
Written and directed by Jeff Nichols, Midnight special is a dark and mysterious crime thriller that follows the story of Roy, played by Michael Shannon, as he tries to protect his son Alton, played by Jaeden Martell, from a religious cult and the government, both the bodies, because he finds out that his son possesses superpowers.

The film also includes other actors like Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton, and Adam Driver to name a few and it was very unfortunate that the movie didn’t receive the attention and love it deserved from the audience. But now, when the audience came to know that such a film exists, they watched its trailer and are already looking forward to its Netflix launch. Getting an 84% in the rotten tomatoes is the proof of it.
We have brought not just one but two trailers for you to have an idea about the film. If you haven’t already watched the trailers then do it ASAP because it is something you shouldn’t be missing.

If you are a fan of the thriller movies, we know you might be feeling bad that the movie was not really welcomed back in 2016. It is said that the movie didn’t stayed in the theatres for a long time either, so don’t blame yourself for not knowing about the movie in the first place. Instead, be happy that it is getting one of the biggest platforms for its re-launch along with all the other movies that have already been on the re-launch list and the ones which are yet to be discovered and added.

We promise you that the movie will keep you hooked until the end. You promise us to stay hooked to our updates as well. So, until next time, just stay connected.


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