Netflix’s Selena: The Series’ Explores the Root of the Star’s Musical Power


Guys, do you remember the Mexican-American star Selena the one who was killed at the age of 23? 

Do you miss her?

If yes, then you have to thank Netflix is there coming up with a bio series featuring the roots of this young singer’s musical powers. 

Once in 2017 her sister was put into a couple of enquiries about her younger sisters tastes, do the elder one didn’t want to answer all of them protesting that it was unfair, her sudden demise at such a young age in 1995 to her to the heights of national fame. Since then her legend continued to grow through a number of reissues and remixes, now a film is to be up for the common people. 

The Jennifer Lopez starrer will be a Netflix bio series film debuting this Friday. The story revolves around a young star who lost her life most probably through a murder while recording her first full English language album. She was then at the verge of huge success. Throughout her career she has left a gala of a lifetime she has been maintaining stylistic, ethnic, linguistic and geographical variations.

Though her first hits were in Spanish, her first singing was obviously in English and musical preferences ranged from traditional to Mexican delights. She was one enigmatic human being!

So we have nothing to do but thank Netflix for giving us this wonderful bio series featuring the life and struggle of such a wonderful person.

We can’t wait to see it!


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