New Bachelorette promo promises more twists, a big shock and a lie test detector


Guys, how many of you are ready for more twists in your life, particularly in your Bachelorette journey!

Don’t know if you are ready, but it seems Tayshia Adams is currently ready to welcome some twists and turns as her Bachelorette journey continues in the following December 8th’s episode. 

Here’s what we have to say after they have revealed the preview’s first look,  the story is about how the second lead searches for true love hoping that even she would end up in a happy relationship just like Clare Crawley, her predecessor. 

According to the promo, they are on a two-one date which ultimately ends up  in a blindside. This was not the goodbye she expected. Additionally there are a number of questions which comes up, which will be solved only if you guys go through the promo. 

According to an ABC press release, Bennett and Noah continues to be on their impromptu date, Jojo gets a ticket to hometown not wanting to miss a chance  to introduce Tayshia to the family, there after suitors go on a fun scavenger and five amongst them has to go through a lie test detector.

It will be ample amusing to watch!

Won’t it be?


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