Dinosaurs are something that people of all ages adore. The big creatures roaming around on the world, living a life like no other have never failed to fascinate us. Earlier we could see dinosaurs only in the museums or books but then the fictional world got the world’s first Jurassic Park in the form of a movie.

The movie was an instant hit and 2 more movies were made. The first 3 movies were the part of the old franchisee and in recent times 2 new movies by a new franchisee were also made. Now before the 3rd movie of the new franchisee hits the screens, a cute picture has surfaced. Want to know more? Read on then.



The delay of the 3rd Jurassic World movie of the new franchisee has left its fans a bit unhappy but now they have something to be happy about as the filmmakers have released a cute adorable Picture of a Baby Dinosaur.

The latest movie will see the original cast off the movie together. There is no update on the plot of the movie. The release of this movie was delayed because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

It is believed that the latest movie will show the dinosaurs in the outside world roaming around freely. The fans are absolutely loving the photo, in particular the blue mask that the Dinosaur is wearing.

The type of Dinosaur shown in the picture will be the first of its kind in the Jurassic World franchisee. The film is being directed by Collin and is among the first movies to start production after the pandemic. The movie will be in the theaters by 2022.

That’s all for today, do tell us what do you think will happen in the latest movie and how will the baby Dinosaur look like when it grows up. Till the next time, bye!


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