New York City permits the next week’s output of films.


This story breaks up, but according to Variety, on Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said: “Film and television production in New York City can resume on 20 July. Taken as part of a city-wide shutdown during the Marcperiode that made the city an epicentre, the shooting restrictions were part of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since then, incidents have significantly declined. In four months this week, COVID-19 hospitalizations have fallen to their lowest level.

It is huge news and part of New York City’s Phase 4 reopening. 

You can’t dine or meet in big crowds indoors, but you can now make videos. We have no details regarding security measures or safety requirements, but they seem to think people are okay.

“It’s all about safety,” de Blasio said. “We want to bring people back to work. We want people to get their livelihoods back. We want to bring our city back. But safety and health first, always.”

As much as I want to work, I want to know that my work won’t kill me, and the people I interact with every day. Even if there are tax incentives and other things at play here, this seems like a big push to jumpstart the economy instead of securing the lives of the people.

We ‘re going to see how it pans and who shoots.


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