Nick Viall Of The Bachelor’s Unveils What Made Him Uncomfortable In The Season 21 Date


Nick Viall walks back to 2017 and opens up about this discomfort during the group date of season 21. This was the time when Corinne Olympios, one of the contestants, took off her bikini top in the pool.

A Closer Look At What Happened

The Bachelor: The greatest seasons ever brought up the season 21 of 2017. It was the episode where the contestants had to be a part of a fictive wedding photoshoot. All the contestants had a photoshoot with Nick but Corinne Olympios did something unexpected.

Olympios in this photoshoot took off her top for pictures with Viall in the pool. ET confirms that Vaill said he was utterly uncomfortable by this act. He said it sucked. Well this wedding group date was Nick’s first date and he was awed by the awkward stunt by Corrine.

Corinne Olympios went with a wedding themed bikini in the pool to proceed with her photoshoot and took the decision of going topless. She prevented exposing herself completely with the help of Nick’s hands. Nick said that this moment was when he was really very uncomfortable with all other women watching.

He said that he is a cool person and is fine with intimacy but this did not seem certainly the right decision. However, he does not judge her but he knew that going for something like that was a risk and that she would’ve done it irrespective of his agreement. Vaill didn’t want her to feel that she was being naive.

Nick Vaill On Corinne Olympios

Despite his discomfort, Corinne Olympios walked to be in the top four women before she was sent back home.Vaill said that he was proud of choosing her till she reached the final four.

He professed that it was something which is weird but he is proud of it. In a show like The Bachelor, choosing a woman like Corinne and bringing her to the top four was a big thing according to him. He said that in shows like these some women can’t go as far in the show as there’s a feeling of being judged and vulnerable.

Vaill made himself clear by saying that Corinne Olympios has a huge personality and he evidently does not regret bringing her to the top four choices. He said that he has always appreciated the confidence she had.

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi


Even after trying to find a love that will last for the whole four seasons, woefully Nick Vaill is still uncommitted. Talking about Corinne Olympios, she had decided to give another chance to finding love on TV as she had featured in season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise. After Nick Vaill, now the next episode on The Bachelor: The greatest seasons ever which is going to be the episode 10 will discuss Juan Pablo and his journey in the bachelor nation,

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