Not all Horror movies are flops! Do you agree with me on this?

Not all Horror movies are flops! Do you agree with me on this?
Not all Horror movies are flops! Do you agree with me on this?

I have already expressed my love for order and many of you have seconded my thoughts. Horror movies were, are still, and will be a part of our entertainment world for a lifetime. Even, horror franchises have been dominating the pop culture for long years now.

Often films that follow original stories too suffer from sequel exhaustion but there are some who excellently outshine the original.

With the advent of films like Ouija and Anabelle, audiences have witnessed less cheesy jump scares and more deep-seated terror. Thus, here I would like to take you on a journey of the best horror sequels which gave us a healthy share of spook- 

First in the list would be scream 2, it’s an absolute fun to watch the horror sequels of the movie, for the viewers, Sidney and the other survivors are back with another murder mystery.

Next up is Evil dead 2, the original of which is a punchy and gruesome horror comedy masterpiece while the second part is gorier and funnier, with the introduction of a headless boy wielding a chainsaw.

Third in line is Halloween, the movie’s 2018 sequel is excellently carved exploring Laurie Strode’s trauma which keeps affecting the people around her.

Not all Horror movies are flops! Do you agree with me on this?
Not all Horror movies are flops! Do you agree with me on this?

Fourth one, The Devil’s Reject received more of a whole-hearted positive response than its original film, the murderous firefly family pivoting the movie takes it up to another level of terror.

Fifth in the list is The Bride of Frankenstein, a more classic movie than its original, sixth and seventh is followed by Anabelle: creation and Anabelle comes home both of them proved to be much stronger than their original film which was called Anabelle, they had a better story, a better plot and more love of the audience. 

There’s no denying of terror in the original Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare on Elm Street but the sequel Wes Craven’s new nightmare is a playful and meta installation which is worth watching at least once.

The film features the director and actors along with Lange Kamp’s son who is terror-stricken by the bogeyman. The film occupies eighth place.

The next one Ouija: origin of evil was praised more by the critics than its original Ouija story. V/H/S 2 is based on a similar premise than V/H/S but certainly proves to be creepier and contains some slicker visuals for horror-enthusiasts.

Last one is the Conjuring 2, a true spirit of horror this movie has given all the viewers a true essence of a ghost film, it came back with even more terrifying spirits and demons which are absolutely freaky.

Thus, we can say that all horror films are not failures there are some who keeps up with the ultimate horror essence. 

And with a hot cup of coffee on a winter night, on a cozy couch would be the best way to enjoy them.


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