On The Platforms That Will Power Future Of Metaverse ($ETH, $MATIC, $HBAR), A ‘Shark Tank’ Star

Power Future Of Metaverse
Power Future Of Metaverse

The platforms that will power future metaverse are Ethereum, MATIC, and HBAR. SharkTank.com has featured you.

Kevin O’Leary (nicknamed “Mr. Wonderful”) is a well-known investor “on ABC’s Shark Tank) is encouraging people to invest in blockchain projects such as Ethereum ($ETH), which could power future metaverse.

When Questioned By Kitco News On February 10, O’Leary Stated, According To The Daily Hodl

If you’re willing to spend money on a company like Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, it’s all software. I’m starting to invest in Polygon, HBAR, and Ethereum to expand my investment in the platforms where the metaverse will reside.

To put it another way, “Bitcoin is nothing more than software.” Despite the fact that it isn’t a coin, I always tell people: “Why aren’t you investing in Ethereum if you’re willing to invest in traditional software as a service company like Microsoft? Polygon, HBAR, Helium, and the other platforms mentioned above should be included in your investment strategy.

It is difficult to predict which of my various software platforms will be financially successful, but diversification is critical to my long-term success.

In an interview with Anthony Pompliano on The Best Business Show on January 17, O’Leary revealed that he believes cryptocurrency has evolved into “software” rather than an alternative form of money.

According to him, if you want to get into cryptocurrency, you should look into the team behind the coin and their vision. This is an example of his cryptocurrency investment strategy, and it was Polygon.

According To The Dailies Hodl, O’Leary Stated:

If you plan to invest in Polygon, you must meet their engineering team, which I did in Dubai. I was able to get a sense of what the team was hoping to accomplish, as well as the economic realities and potential of their project when I first met with them. The first consideration is the group. If I check the “team” box, I’m hoping for smart people, good engineers, a good strategy, and a cohesive group…

The second exam has arrived. How much revenue do they generate for the company? In Polygon’s case, aggregating transactions makes sense in order to reduce Ethereum gas fees. You have a monetary incentive to do this. In the long run, you save money. The cost of doing business has decreased. This, in my opinion, has a lot of potential.

Hedera ($HBAR) Is Another Project That Meets His Criteria

“Excellent engineers and a fantastic team.” “Excellent team, excellent engineers.” What is the underlying economic theory that will allow this to continue to grow? It is critical for Boeing to have a platform that combines centralization and decentralization. Check the box if HBAR can provide that.”

Let Us Summarise His Thoughts On Solana ($SOL) As Follows

They’re coming up with novel solutions to help speed things up. Follow the instructions. What is the name of the team in charge of this project? Manager of the FTX colleague exchange Bankman-Fried Sam Bankman-Fried Why didn’t you place a bet on this horse?

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