On Twitter, a gentleman explains why you should avoid crypto mining pool scams


People are becoming increasingly interested in cryptocurrency investments as a result of the widespread belief among investors that they can easily make a lot of money by investing. Nonetheless, its flammability has demonstrated how lethal it can be.

Numerous scammers are operating openly and attempting to steal your hard-earned money. I was browsing Twitter today and came across a story about someone being duped out of $200,000 in Ethereum.

He agreed after a stranger contacted him on Twitter and asked him to join an ethereum mining pool where she could earn four ethereums per day.

This essentially requires the user to deposit tether in their coin base wallet and join an Ethererum mining pool, as per her explanation. Tether is used to generate Ethereum in exchange for Ethereum dividends, which are paid in additional Ethereum.


Experimenting with a negligible amount of money, the user discovered that he was profiting between 1% and 3% of the total amount of tether used each day. When it came time to invest $200,000, his profits increased to 2% within a few days, prompting him to increase his investment. That equates to approximately $4,000 in Ethereum per day, in his opinion.

When the entire structure was destroyed by fire

When he awoke the next morning, he discovered that the tether account had been completely depleted of funds. The full sum was withdrawn from a randomly chosen address. He attempted to contact the mining pool but was informed that he would need to wait 30 days before contacting them. However, he could see that money was being made.

The scam was later determined to be a hoax, and Coinbase wallet was unaware of any such hoax. It’s also worth noting that the girl who advised him did not vanish.

Discovered in an unexpected manner

After some investigation, he discovered that he had been duped. Due to the transaction hash, he was able to identify the scammer. Additionally, he has left a reward for the individual who returns the money.

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