Pantera Capital CEO Comes To And Explains Why He Is ‘Actually Wildly Bullish About Bitcoin

Pantera Capital
Pantera Capital

Crypto trading association Pantera Capital CEO and Co-CIO Dan Morehead really shared his considerations on Bitcoin’s cost activity in 2022 without a doubt. Morehead’s remarks were made while he was being interviewed by Yahoo Finance’s Brian Chung last Friday (March 25).

Pantera Capital CEO Explains Why Feels Wildly Bullish About Bitcoin

Chung began the social occasion by asking the Pantera Capital CEO his perspective on Bitcoin’s cost development such long ways in 2022.

Morehead answered:

“Bitcoin has gone through a couple of quite dramatic cycles in the nine years that I’ve been investing in it.” It has had six bear surges with average gains of more than 60%. This one is just half finished.

Furthermore, as foundations draw in the space, I believe that a considerable number of cycles will arrange positively, so I believe that a half bear market is likely to be all that you advance in the future.

“I honestly admit we’re either at or near the bottom. Furthermore, if there has been a large social event, as in 2013-2017, the market often bests near January first and sort of drifts down towards charge day… and sometime later, the market may start moving.

The third factor that has most likely influenced it is dismissing the fact that Bitcoin and electronic money have a particularly low relationship with resource classes over long time spans,

where the S&P is a go-between for risk, it’s down a tonne in extremely pushed periods, where the S&P is a go-between for risk, it’s down a tonne in extremely pushed periods, where the S&P is a go-between for risk, it’s down a”

There have been six of those since Bitcoin began trading, and the norm is that for 72 days, affiliation is quite high, and from there on long term, it then disconnects, and that massive number of factors together make me exceedingly positive at this time.

I understand that the business areas will decouple. I believe equities and bonds will continue to fall for an extended period of time, whereas blockchain resources will rise.”

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